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Are you struggling with your KIDS SLEEP? Do you feel you have tried millions of Solutions but you are not able to help your kids Sleep Well?


Do you feel to have lost your Inner Strength, Power and Energy and you do not find time for Yourself anymore?


Have you lost your Internal GPS since when you have become Mom?



The MA Temple – under the Guidance of Cristiana Pram Satyama – is here to support you, guide you and help solve your problems!

This program is going to help you let go of your old life and create an even more powerful reality, where poor sleep, lack of energy, and blocks connected to guilt or fear no longer bother you.


Cristiana Satyama’s goal is to enable you to live the life you dream and deserve!

I started the GAA in April 2019, but my great adventure with Gong started a few months earlier. Satyama has accompanied me from the beginning and helped me to push the door of expansion. Since the meeting with Cristiana Satyama everything has been changed in my life perception. I have been gone through different phases and learnt to ride on it. I am so grateful about what the Gong has brought in my life and excited to discover the rest of this beautiful journey!

Mom and Social Worker

Cristiana has been my first Kundalini Yoga teacher. She has made me fall in love with it. Sensitive, direct, helpful, generous, she Empowers you by genuinely looking out for your Personal Growth. Through her, I have become more Aware of my Spiritual Part which, thanks to her, I continue to take care of. I have been taking part of the Mahamudra Programs and now studying the Art of Gong.


I was waking up every hour, with my baby of 15 months asking to be breastfed continuously. I was exhausted and could not stand with it anymore. I started also to be angry with my kid because he was not sleeping and he was depriving me of sleeping too. So I decided to do the best thing I could in life: enroll in the "Good Night Sleep" program with Cristiana. Our life has changed forever. Not just the baby started to sleep again, but I have started to feel more empowered, because Cristiana holds your hand and guides you as a sweet mom into the process, making you see and face what you are hiding from yourself. She is an incredible guide, woman and an inspiration for the Universe of Moms. I would recommend this program forever! Thank you millions beautiful Cristiana

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