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The "GOOD NIGHT SLEEP" methodology is designed to support your child in the process to fall asleep with serenity, security and confidence; it is focused on a main technique: “sudden response to the cry”.

Your child likely has difficulties falling asleep alone because they have probably not learned how to. Most of the time they have relied on dependencies such as being cuddled, holding hands, etc. to fall asleep, but when they wake up and those crutches aren’t there, then they start again to keep asking for more.

As we teach our kids to walk alone, first holding hands and then little by little letting them take steps alone, so do we teach them to eat alone, talk ... and sleep too! 


Our child needs us to be guided in total serenity, confidence and with an open heart to plant a seed of security in the process of falling asleep.
"Good Night Sleep" is a gradual, sweet process that goes through phases - each phase is well-defined and it goes with the rhythm of mom and child. This process works really in depth, to plant healthy sleeping habits designed to last for their entire life.


The biggest difference between “Good Night Sleep” and other sleep programs is that "Good Night Sleep' is a deliberately gradual and very sweet process that replaces a dependency with other techniques, without creating any new dependencies. Additionally, this program will expertly wean a child off the mom’s presence, so both you and they can sleep soundly all night. The aim of the program is for the child to fall asleep alone with no dependency factors manage their own sleep with comfort and peace.

The process can last an average of 2 months and it varies from family to family – Cristiana Satyama will always work with each family’s rhythm!

And this is not just a journey with singular goal to regain sleep for the child and all of the family. By the end of the program, you will find that your child is more serene, balanced, and happy!

For you, Mom, this program will be a deep and empowering process, that will allow you as a mother to go through rebirth, face and transform your fears, and move through the blocks that are holding you back. You will come out empowered, more secure, and deeply well-rested with an incredible amount of new energy

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