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Donna incinta in un vestito

Mom, Dad, do you feel with lack of energy, no focus, stressed out and you don't know from where to start?
The Mahamudra Conception Program is created for all parents with the  purpose to conceive New Parents, Serene, Centered, Creative Energetic and above all Woman and Man. This is a program to open up awareness on how to guide and educate our kids.                                        
Chapter  1 ~ 9 Weeks         
Chapter 2 ~ 6 Weeks 

The “Mahamudra Conception” course is addressed to all Parents with the intent of giving Birth to the Excellent  and Authentic part of themselves and to be able to be pure channels to your kids.
The Mahamudra Conception means a total Bliss at Personal and Universal Level in the process of Giving Birth to our "New Self Baby", either in a tangible, physical, sensorial, etheric or spiritual way. This journey is created to Empower, Support and give Confidence and right Energy to all Parents, with life long practical tools and advice. You are going to learn how to connect with the quantum field through holistic practices such as yoga and meditation, vibrational therapies, tantra, journaling, astro travels ad above all self-awareness. The quality of your life will shift forever!

A lot of family who come to the "Good Night Sleep" program decide to embark on this journey together, with the goal of finally taking good care of themselves.
Once we take care of ourselves, we take care of our kids!
It can be a one-to one program or a group program.

Doula is known as the Mother of the Mother.

I offer specific programs in pre conception, pregnancy and po
st-partum to support a very conscious journey through holistic and alternative energetic medicine of the heart, of the soul, and of the archetypes of the planets.

From prenatal and postnatal yoga, to ceremony as the Blessing way (The 120th day that is recognized in the Kundalini tradition as the time when the soul enters the baby body through mother s womb), to Rebozo, rituals, healing sound sessions, open heart meetings, and more, all come with the intent to support you in practical and emotional ways as the mother and all of your family in preparation for pregnancy, birth and postpartum life. 
Image by Jonathan Borba

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