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Coppia senior facendo yoga


Opens my connection with your soul to receive information you need for your personal evolution and to answer to any question connected with past, present, future or past lives. The messages in internal resonances clear the path and awaken your consciousness.  Possibility to channel also with dead and animals.

Ragazza con le braccia tese

Emotional Freedom Techniques

Is a healing practice that can provide impressive results for physical, emotional, and performance issues. It works on liberating us from daily disturbing emotions such as, fear, anxiety, depression, burn-out. It helps to heal past traumas, grief, separations, addictions and it supports students and athletes in their performances.

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Helps on promoting deep calm, serenity and wellbeing, restoring any dis-eased cells in the body, strengthening and rebalancing the nervous and immune systems, harmonizing the chakras,  enhancing awareness and inner intuition, increasing radiance, energy and vitality and rejuvenating both mentally and physically.

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To open the awareness of your body and spirit in understanding your journey and embracing recommended techniques to facilitate the evolution and come in alignment with your purpose.  You will experience after the reading, a Gong immersion session.


With her experience as a Doula, Yoga Teacher, Family Mentor and Energetic Healer, Cristiana became fascinated by the practice and decided to train as a “Good Night” Certified Sleep Consultant, integrating her newfound knowledge with the wisdom gained from the other disciplines in her healing practice.

Supporting and empowering families has become a real passion for Cristiana. In the past 10 years, Cristiana has helped countless families all over the world, helping them implement no-crying, restorative sleeping patterns for their children and, in turn, empowering parents and giving them more confidence in their role. She has created her unique program "The Sleep Temple" and she is a Trainer for whom interested to become a Sleep Consultant. 

This is a Training with Certification in group or one-to one. It is done online.

For more info contact me by email or visit website:

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After having studied for several years in USA with Gong Master Akasha Devi et Gong Master Sotantar Suraj, Cristiana Satyama has been blessed to teach the Gong Avatar Academy in Europe.

Cristiana Satyama experience and self-knowledge and intuition has brought to create her own training, "The Art of Gong".

The Art of Gong training is a deep journey within ourself where we use the Gong as a mirror to discover, embrace and bring light into our hidden corners. And so we deeply go within and contact our True Self, expanding, empowering and raising consciousness, in deep awareness.

We study and apply ancient and modern practices and principles to understand the Laws of Cosmos, without and within. During this Journey we use the Gong not as a musical instrument but as a divine tool towards awareness and self-discovery.

The Art is a tool used through out the training to empower and support the journey.


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