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Born in Italy, I have lived most of my life traveling and discovering the world. I am a mother of two beautiful children, Riccardo and Hari, my two greatest Gurus. I also share this endless adventurous journey with my beloved husband, Aldo.

For more than 20 years, I have been practicing and studying Yoga and Esoteric Disciplines in all areas related to motherhood, including for example: sleep consultant, family support, energy medicine for fertility and Yoga-Doula.

As the creator and founder of The MA Temple, the core of my services focus on supporting and guiding mothers and kids, women and families as a Sleep Consultant and Family Mentor. My open heart and my creative mind allow me to guide you from the moment you prepare to become pregnant until your child is older. I do this through personal sessions and tailor-made programs tailored to your needs.

In addition, I am also a trainer for "L'Ars du Gong" in Europe and the USA. The encounter with the Gong, a divine instrument, has profoundly changed my life, deepened my practice, and deepened my Self-Creativity.

My birth name is Cristiana and my spiritual name Pram Satyama, Love for Truth.

I currently live and offer my practices in person in France, as well as online.

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